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Dear Readers,  

Best wishes for the New Year - We hope you have a prosperous, healthy and happy 2020 - The Year of the Rat! And a warm welcome to the January 2020 edition of the Funding Strategies newsletter.

It has been an interesting start to the new year with heatwave conditions, the bushfires and now concerns around the Coronavirus.  

On the financial front, the markets have hit all-time highs in January but have moved lower on concerns around the Coronavirus.  

Structurally big news has been around large financial institutions changing their stance on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investment criteria.  The now famous Larry Fink letter to CEOs highlights the changes happening in the investment landscape.  We are also seeing changes locally with financial institutions reportedly changing their investment criteria and action from regulators on climate change.   

We hope you have a successful year and you are well placed to navigate the changing investment landscape with us.

This edition of our newsletter includes:

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Funding Strategies 

Funding Strategies is a capital markets firm providing venture equity capital and finance services to small business and companies seeking capital for growth and expansion in the unlisted and pre-IPO capital markets. 

We specialise in creating and implementing successful funding and capital raising strategies for issuers, and provide investment opportunities in the high growth alternative asset space for investors.

We serve predominately private and public companies, and sophisticated investors, with a broad range of services. 

  • Funding Strategies and Investor Ready Services
  • Equity and Debt Capital Raisings
  • Small Scale Offerings and Venture Capital
  • Grant Funding
  • Migration linked investment
  • Mergers,Acquisitions and Divestments
  • Strategic Trade Sales 
  • Technology Commercialization
  • Providing Opportunities for Investors
  • Director and business advisory services
  • Investment management
  • Fund management services


For more information please contact usWe look forward to hearing from you!

From left to right: Flora, Laura, Birgit, Mark, Eugenia, Stephen & Ken

Our heartfelt sympathies go out to those who have been affected by the recent bushfires in Australia. If, like us, you would like to help those in need, we suggest to donate to the Red Cross:

"As bushfires affect communities across Australia on an unprecedented scale, Red Cross is right there, providing practical, local support where it's needed to tens of thousands of people during and after the emergencies."

Click here to donate to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal.


 Introducing Imani

"New ConTech and PropTech company 

actively disrupting the Australian industry"

IMANI is a technology led company specialising in the unique needs of the Construction, Manufacturing and Property Industries. These industries present an exciting opportunity for IMANI’s growth based on their current market conditions and the ripe opportunity for innovative technology to solve problems and create efficiency.   
Deep industry partnerships, category leading talent, and technology powered by highly customised, connected Salesforce platforms has facilitated the development of IMANI Cloud into two main verticals: the international sourcing of steel coil with a live digitised supply chain, and first-of-its-kind end-to-end lead generation and nurturing services. The two businesses are branded IMANI Framing and IMANI Marketing respectively, and are delivered through the IMANI Cloud platform.  
IMANI is rapidly expanding into new networks and opportunities as well as having highly engaged uptake and trading on their current services. The IMANI team is ready to talk to businesses interested in application of their custom technology, specifically in partnerships within their current verticals.

 Introducing Project Bulimba

Project Bulimba is a property development offering absolute riverfront penthouses, apartments and town homes in highly desirable Bulimba, Brisbane, Australia.     

North-facing with spectacular waterfront views, Project Bulimba delivers luxury living just minutes from the Brisbane CBD. The project is complete and only limited residences remain.


 Introducing Project Taringa 1

Project Taringa (1) offers 7 executive apartments and 11 town homes in Taringa, Brisbane, Australia. Taringa is located just 5kms from the Brisbane CBD.  

Sophisticated, modern and spacious, the residences are now complete and several have already sold.


 Introducing Project Taringa 2

Project Taringa (2) offers two luxury, freehold, executive homes with city views in Taringa, Brisbane, Australia.

Taringa is located just 5kms from the Brisbane CBD.  Featuring private pools in each residence, opulent finishes, 3 or 4 bedrooms with a separate media room / home office on a separate level, these residences have been completed.

 Medcan update

Medcan receives its Facility Inspection Letter 

from the Office of Drug Control (ODC)

"This Facility Inspection Letter is a summary of the inspection performed by the ODC on the 29th October 2019 and summarizes the outcome of the Medcan facility inspection. The ODC notes “the inspectors found that the rooms inspected provided adequate security measures for cannabis plants and cannabis and cannabis resin”.

Successful issue of this inspection letter is a significant milestone as it is the ODC’s formal advice that the design, construction, security measures, SOP’s and Risk Assessment implemented as part of Medcan’s Cannabis Research Area has been assessed and approved by the ODC. 
Medcan Australia Founder, Craig Cochran said: “This is a great achievement for all parties involved as it validates the design, construction and security protocols of our Cannabis Research area within the Medcan facility”.
Craig Continued: “This successful approval by the ODC is the culmination of many, many months of hard work and dedication by our entire team. It is testament to the extremely high standard we have set for the design and construction of our facility”.

 Qponics update 

A Future in Australia for Large-Scale 

Co-Production of Alternative Protein 

and Oil from Algae

"Producing 1 kg of protein from beef, pork, poultry and soybeans requires 960x, 270x, 90x and 30x more area of land respectively, than producing 1 g of alternative protein from Qponics’ marine microalgae.
Algae cultivated in Qponics’ large outdoor raceway ponds require plentiful average daily hours of sunlight, minimal added nutrients and 2 kg of carbon dioxide is sequestered for every kg of algae produced to rapidly grow by photosynthesis, and ponds are harvested every three days. Qponics plans in the future to capture and store atmospheric carbon dioxide to feed to the algae to become a negative carbon emissions company.
Profitability of Qponics’ marine microalgae farm is planned to be assured from sales of high-value algal oil; therefore, the protein-rich by-product may be wholesaled at prices competitive with all other sources of protein, and protein productivity cannot be affected by the worst of drought conditions."


 BlueMount Capital updates

BlueMount Capital Secures Funding 

for Velocity Property Group (ASX: VP7)

Velocity Property Group’s corporate advisor BlueMount Capital (QLD) Pty Ltd has assisted with the origination and investment structuring of the recent transaction by 360 Capital entities.
The transaction comprises multiple components, strategies and capital funding sources to reposition Velocity to become a high growth developer of predominantly owner occupier product in south-east Queensland. The transaction value exceeds $10m.
BlueMount’s Managing Director, Dr Mark Rainbird, states “I am delighted to announce that we have assisted with the structuring of the transaction to support Velocity and it’s growth via this cornerstone investment”.
BlueMount Capital worked closely to devise an investment banking initiative to re-capitlize for future growth while engaging discussions with global and local strategic institutional partners.

BlueMount Capital's Dr Saliba Sassine (pictured left) and Flora Mok (pictured below left) recently attended the Asian Financial Forum in Hong Kong

Saliba was quoted in a recent article:

"Saliba Sassine, managing director of BlueMount Capital, an Australian company which provides advisory services to Chinese companies, said while Hong Kong’s political unrest triggered anxiety in many sectors, he remained positive for the city’s important role in connecting them to mainland investors.

Sassine said the protests were an "internal matter and would become manageable, adding: "We will have to be patient. We still count on Hong Kong to connect us to the huge China market in long run.”"

Flora commented:

"Based on the conferences that I attended, I have the following comments:

  • The situation in Hong Kong is stabilising and more events have been held for investors and project owners.
  • The number of participants in some events is at record high since both investors and project owners have been "hungry" for work after they had "stopped" work in Hong Kong for several months.

  • The investors,including speakers at some events consider that Australia is a good and safe place to invest and provides a balancing effect on their portfolios.
  • The investors are interested in a variety of assets / companies in Australia such as real estates,mining, technology, consumer and healthcare.  

Though there is serious concern on Coronavirus in Hong Kong now, people can work from home, including those from the financial industry."


Australia China Business Council  

We hope you will join us at ACBC's 

upcoming events in Brisbane!

  • 4 February: ACBC QLD Annual Chinese New Year Dinner 2020 - join Alessandro and Mark in celebrating The Year of the Rat!
  • 6 February: ACBC QLD Unlocking China's Policy Process to Boost Opportunities for Queensland Business


We look forward to attending QODE Brisbane, Queensland's largest Innovation and Technology gathering for entrepreneurs, investors, business executives, researchers, startups and government in Brisbane on 24 and 25 March 2020. 


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