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Dear Readers,  

Welcome to the August 2020 edition of the Funding Strategies newsletter! 

We hope everyone is taking care at this time with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Funding Strategies has a number of programs where we are assisting clients through this period and have a COVID-19 support package and funding options including debt and equity.  

One of the lessons at this time is to seek timely assistance in your finance or funding needs as the market has changed since COVID-19.  

The markets and business environment has been improving over the last two months, and both business and consumer confidence are significantly higher (off the April lows).  

While this is the case, we expect the business environment to continue to be dynamic and as such businesses need to be nimble, maximise revenues / cash and be focused around execution.  

If we can assist with your business transformation or you just need someone to talk to please contact the team

This edition of our newsletter includes:


Funding Strategies 

Funding Strategies is a capital markets firm providing venture equity capital and finance services to small business and companies seeking capital for growth and expansion in the unlisted and pre-IPO capital markets. 

We specialise in creating and implementing successful funding and capital raising strategies for issuers, and provide investment opportunities in the high growth alternative asset space for investors.

We serve predominately private and public companies, and sophisticated investors, with a broad range of services. 

  • Funding Strategies and Investor Ready Services
  • Equity and Debt Capital Raisings
  • Small Scale Offerings and Venture Capital
  • Grant Funding
  • Migration linked investment
  • Mergers,Acquisitions and Divestments
  • Strategic Trade Sales 
  • Technology Commercialization
  • Providing Opportunities for Investors
  • Director and business advisory services
  • Investment management
  • Fund management services

As always, we invite you to download our updated deal list from our website (registration / log-in required, membership is free). 

For more information please contact us

Funding Strategies is open for business and ready to help!

We invite you to reach out to confidentially explore your business issues and funding options. We have a capable, globally connected team with a strong track record.  

We look forward to hearing from you!


Image above: The Brisbane pilot plant

 Introducing Project Ignis

Producing Gas from 

Multiple Waste Types

Project Ignis is an Australian waste to energy company that has developed the Moving Injection Horizontal Gasification (MIHG) process for producing high value renewable energy products from waste materials that were previously destined for landfill. 

The synthesis gas (“syngas”) produced by the MIHG process can be used to make electricity, hydrogen, biofuels and other fuels / chemicals. 

The MIHG process applies proven gasification techniques with a new reactor configuration that eliminates the need for extensive feedstock pre-treatment and thereby enables smaller scale energy from waste projects to be economically viable. Project Ignis owns the MIHG technology and has established a pilot plant in Brisbane where the Company has been carrying out R&D and proof of concept operations.

Project Ignis is currently developing its first commercial project and has negotiated key terms for site access, waste feedstock supply and services with a private waste company. It has also secured government grant funding. The Company is actively developing a pipeline of commercial projects and is working towards entering the renewable hydrogen market, having already signed an MOU with a major gas infrastructure group that is interested in buying hydrogen. 

The energy from waste market is destined to grow by more than $12B over the next five years as Governments support increased recycling and reducing waste sent to landfill as well as the associated greenhouse gas emissions. Project Ignis' directors believe the Company is well placed to capture the growth in this market and the desire for modular solutions with the flexibility to produce electricity and hydrogen. 


 Guarda update

Video views indicate unmet need 
on silicia dust issue

"Have you ever seen masonry cutting so clean? No dust, no slurry & no fumes. Using our patented Tri-Vac Technology, water is injected inside the blade guard where it mixes with the dust and creates a slurry. This slurry is then vacuumed away before it escapes the guard. Exhaust fumes are also removed down the same hose. 

Safer, cleaner cutting compared to dry-vacuum saws which still produce a lot of silica dust and conventional wet cutting which creates huge amounts of slurry. This is an example of our wall chasing saw. We also have the same technology on a larger concrete cutting saw, the Guarda Edge Powercutter."

Guarda's Managing Director, Craig Penty, states "This has over 55,000 views now. I'm being inundated with requests for product info to the point where I can't keep up with them. Shows how much of an unmet need the silica dust issue is."


 BlueMount Capital updates:

Medcan Australia – First cultivation permits issued by the ODC (Office of Drug Control)

"Medcan Australia (Medcan) is pleased to announce the receipt of its first cannabis cultivation permits from the ODC (Office of Drug Control).

This is by far Medcan’s most significant milestone to date and positions Medcan as one of only a few Australian licensed companies authorized to actually commence cultivation.

Medcan will now commence their cultivation program and are targeting the end of August 2020 to propagate their first seeds."


The Brisbane team visits Byron Bay

While the border situation allowed, some of BlueMount Capital's Brisbane based team members were lucky to recently visited Byron Bay. After initially attending meetings, the team visited the most eastern point of Australia near the Byron Bay lighthouse, spotting whales and dolphins from the walkway on a windy cool day. 

From left to right: Alessandro Costa, Bipin Manuel, Ken Freer (front), Mark Rainbird, Brett Perkins, Flora Mok (front), Birgit Rainbird and Stephen Varty. Absent: Eugenia Arrarte, who was kindly managing the office. 


 Australia China Business Council

We hope you will join us at ACBC's 

upcoming event in Brisbane, albeit virtually!

  • 18 August: Transforming Brisbane’s CBD: Queen’s Wharf Brisbane
  • 20 August: Deep Dive: Opportunities in Biomedical R&D with China
  • 26 August: The Next Trading Hotspot: Hainan Free Trade Port

ACBC QLD - Inbound Tourism from China Report

"ACBC has issued a new report to the Australian Government, recommending strategies to rebuild Chinese inbound tourism to Australia. The ACBC 'Inbound Tourism from China' report is a contribution to work by the government and the tourism industry to ensure the recovery and future growth of the industry post COVID-19."


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