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Dear Birgit,  

Welcome to the September/October 2021 edition of the Funding Strategies newsletter! 

The “big themes” over the past month have been around the vaccine rollout, border openings, the hot property market and international crisis around energy (UK and China) and geopolitical tensions in Asia regarding China and Taiwan, eg. Australia joining the newly formed AUKUS alliance.

On the vaccine front, rollouts have been uneven both within Australia  and within OECD countries - Australia at 45.63% and Portugal at 85.21% (% of population fully vaccinated) for example.  Different States in Australia have been experiencing differing economic conditions and the lockdowns have been affecting our confidence.  We have recently seen a slight improvement in business confidence albeit off a low base, and an increase in consumer confidence.  Two of our major cities have been in lockdown.  One assumes that both these confidence indicators will see noticeable improvements ahead as the economy opens up and we start to live with the “new COVID normal”.


From an investor point-of-view we have seen some great opportunities both on the yield and growth fronts.  We are also continuing to attract interesting companies to work with, whether that is on the corporate advisory  and M&A (we have been doing more buy side work, where we act for the buyer), strategy, or helping with finance or working capital. 

For more information please see the updates in this newsletter. Alternatively, contact us today via email or phone 07 3160 2840.

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Tutis VReddo Update

Tutis VReddo signs contract with the EPSA Group

"TUTIS VReddo is excited to announce the signing this week of a contract with Global mining, civil work and earth moving company, the EPSA Group. 

Whilst the EPSA Group are new to Australia, they have over 50 years of Global experience operating across countries such as Morocco, Spain, Mexico, Chile & Brazil. 

The EPSA Group were looking for a workforce compliance solution to improve their productivity and streamline their processes, all in a sustainable, paperless solution.  

“TUTIS_ENTERPRISE is a perfect fit for the EPSA Group” said TUTIS VReddo CEO, Chris Wright (pictured left). “It’s designed as a workforce compliance software application for large asset intensive enterprises with large workforces who require a variety of skills and operate under strict regulations. It helps enterprise clients expedite staff and contractors working productively and safely on site”."


Wildfire Energy Update

Wildfire Energy awarded $1m grant to convert farm crop residues into green hydrogen

"Wildfire Energy (Project Ignis) is pleased to announce it has been awarded a $1 million grant from the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources to convert farm crop residues into green hydrogen using its MIHG technology. The grant is awarded as part of the Business Research and Innovation Initiative (BRII) Proof of Concept stage and follows the successful completion of the Feasibility Study stage earlier this year.

Wildfire will continue to work with the Grains Research Development Corporation (GRDC) and CSIRO to demonstrate the conversion of farm crop residues, such as wheat straw, into green hydrogen which is suitable for ammonia synthesis and for use in fuel cell vehicles. The project will progress the concept of using our MIHG technology to realise a circular economy on the farm.


SpatialHub Update

Intelligent Farming for Drought Resilience

"There is a critical gap in the market for dedicated geo-spatial information on drought conditions and the way it is conveyed and analysed. Spatial Hub Analytics (SHA, Project Topia) is in a unique position to fill this gap, being one of only a few companies in the world able to standardise complex multi-format satellite data into easy-to-understand drought information.

A drought resilience product is still in its early development stage – but we plan to roll it out over the next 12 months as part of the company’s participation in the Australian government’s 3-year regional Drought Hubs initiative. 

The benefit of such a product for end users is significant. The agricultural industry contributes a substantial share to Australia’s GDP and export earnings. Climate change, including severe and prolonged droughts, poses a huge challenge to the health and sustainability of the industry."


Meet our Team

Eugenia Arrarte, Investor Relations

Before joining Funding Strategies, Eugenia was a Government Relations Coordinator for a multinational company in Venezuela for almost ten years, acquiring experience in international trade, customs, trademark registrations, and import/export. 

In addition, she gained experience teaching at University and has completed the Small Scale Offerings Board Sponsor training. Eugenia has also completed her RG146.

Eugenia has been an integral part of the team for many years.

Brisbane Business Expo

We are Exhibiting - Come & See us at the 

2021 Brisbane Business and Jobs Expo

We invite you to attend the 2021 Brisbane Business and Jobs Expo on Thursday 21 October from 10am to 4pm at the Hibiscus Indoor Sports Centre, Upper Mt Gravatt.

This is a one stop shop for 100% sales focused business networking, selling, buying products and services, business and jobs workshops - the biggest local business networking event for Brisbane region. It is also a great resource place if you are seeking a job or looking to change careers.

For businesses looking to raise capital or for people looking to invest, we will be there, come and see us so we can talk further!


Introducing Project Triplex

A Regional Hospitality Fund

Project Triplex is a hospitality fund that targets accommodation driven, yielding properties with upside located in regional Australia. It does not target pubs, gaming, non-freehold or "raw"development (renovations and additional rooms are within its mandate). 

The Fund purchases focused property for returns – “buy, fix, consolidate, sell” 

  • Income – target of 8% p.a over medium term; 
  • Capital – target of <12% p.a over holding period; 
  • Upside – Additional returns through exploitation of value added opportunities. 

Its objective is to achieve valuation uplift at exit through “roll up” of assets.

The fund utilizes its Manager’s track record and expertise to add value through: 

  • Rebranding the property; 
  • Revenue enhancement, cost control and marketing;
  • Property upgrading, including product repositioning, hard and soft renovation.


Access Investing Limited Update

Access Investing has extended it prospectus offer until late October to give more time for investors

Access Investing's Brett Tucker (pictured left) has provided the following update:

“The Access Investing team believes all knowledgeable investors should have access to the same company investing opportunities, particularly private companies on a ASX listing pathway which are currently limited to a small group of wealthy and well-connected professionals.


We are the first of our kind in the market to provide equal access to pre-IPO company investments - which have the potential to generate outsized returns when they list on the ASX.


We have extended our prospectus offer to give more time for investors to learn about us and apply, and are now aiming to close our offer in late October. We then look forward to the next step in securing investments in high-growth private companies on behalf of our investors.”


Drillman Update

"M-Group on look-out for acquisitions 
ahead of IPO in 18-24 months - director

BlueMount Capital client Drillman, a subsidiary of M-Group, recently featured in a Mergermarket article:


"M-Group of Companies, a Brisbane-based Australian group providing integrated product and service solutions for the construction, mining, and infrastructure sectors, is on the look-out for acquisitions as it gears for a listing in 18-24 months to support global growth, said Director and sole owner Mike Wilkes. 

The group, which is working with Brisbane-based investment banking corporate advisor BlueMount Capital on acquisitions and funding, is yet to flesh out details for the listing including financials and potential pre-IPO raises, Wilkes said. The listing is most likely to take place on the ASX in Australia, but the US and Canada are also options, he added."


Introducing Project Senior

Exploring Australian buy side targets 

in the aged care software space

BlueMount Capital’s Brisbane office is pleased to announce that it has been exclusively mandated to explore buy side targets in Australia for an overseas based client in the aged care software space. This client has operations in the UK and Australia and is looking for acquisition opportunities to fit their expansion plans in these jurisdictions. Contact us to find out more.


Introducing Project Sollertia

Value adding carbon 

for better ESG outcomes and saving trees

BlueMount Capital’s Brisbane office is pleased to announce that it has been mandated by a company that owns a smart carbon supply chain that processes specialty carbon products in the USA for large metals and specialty materials manufacturers. By beneficiating the natural minerals into higher ESG value products, the supply chain contributes to climate change solutions. 

Carbon is the basic building block of life and almost every product used in everyday life. The smart carbon supply chain supports small third-party community miners that use sustainable low impact small underground mining methods, that are fully rehabilitated and that sees more income retained by local communities.


Australia China Business Council Update

We hope you will join us at 
ACBC's upcoming events!

  • 11 October: What's happening in the Shipping Industry
  • 20 October: Opportunities in Southwest China -  Member Only Networking & China Insights Event
  • 21 October: Business Roundtable - Business Survival 101
  • 26 October: Distribution in China - Supply Chain, Help 'On the Ground' and the Importance of Market Research
  • 18 November: Save the Date - Australia-China Innovation and Technology Symposium


River Run 100

The BlueMount Capital team in Brisbane 
is proud to have come 5th in the Corporate Challenge!

Queensland is very lucky in having most restrictions removed and community sports events are back on.

Our team had a great day - congratulations to all participants and the organisers! 


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